Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association

Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA)

- SAJGA Member Benefits



 There are three different areas where the SAJGA members get benefits due to the association between the SAJGA and the JGAA.


1.  SAJGA members can play in the JGAA events without paying the JGAA Membership fee.  This opportunity gives SAJGA members a chance to try out this state-wide tour without additional membership costs.  In order to sign up for these events, you must call the JGAA office at (602) 944-6168 since non-JGAA members cannot sign up on their website.


2.  The winners of the SAJGA end-of-the-year Invitational in both the Boys and Girls 15-18 Divisions earn an exemption into that summer's JGAA State Tournament.  This automatic qualification into JGAA State assures the SAJGA champions are included into this elite and exclusive tournament.


3.  SAJGA members may substitute the SAJGA Rules and Etiquette Clinic for the JGAA one giving you flexibility in scheduling your clinic. It is still necessary to take one clinic per year for both organizations, but either provider will work.  You must also take both the SAJGA's and the JGAA's required on-line test.  For more information on the JGAA, go to their website


For more information please contact Danny Medina of the Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association






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