Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association

SAJGA Member Benefits - Special Offers

The SAJGA continues to add value to your SAJGA membership.  The following lists special offers for SAJGA members.  All listed instructors offer  SAJGA members a lower rate than is available elsewhere for ongoing lessons.  Click on the instructors name for more details.



The G.A.S.P. Learning Center, 3605 W. Cortaro Farms Rd.- Suite 145, offfers SAJGA members one free session  combining swing and club analysis.  Each junior will have their swing recorded and analyzed using their AG Simulator to test club and ball speed, spin rate, angle of attack, face angle, and path at impact.  The player's balance will be measured statically and dynamically throughout the swing.  The club analysis measures all club measurements: length, lie, loft, swing weight, total weight, grip size, and CPM.  Lie/Loft adjustments will be made for free, if desired and possible (some clubs must be sent back to manufacturer for adjustments).  Appointments can be made by calling (520) 812-7172.  Remember to tell them you are an SAJGA member.


Discounted Rate to all SAJGA members

Hank Ravenell, Fred Enke Golf Course